Consultation Process

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Blended Learning Consultation Process

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1. Diagnostic Overview with Principal

The Personalized Learning team will meet with the Principal to discuss the conditions for successful implementation. The discussion will include helping to select the right teachers to be part of the blended learning team, the support needed from administrators, and structures for successful implementation.

2. School Leadership Team Meeting

The Personalized Learning team will meet with the School Leadership Team and/or Blended Learning team to discuss the “jobs to be done” theory for blended learning. Discussion will center around tips for getting started and the alignment of the instructional problem, the blended learning model, and the tools and strategies being used in the classroom.

3. Professional Learning Resources

The Personalized Learning team will share professional learning resources including five Blended Learning 101 modules, book study syllabus and discussion questions for Blended Learning in Action. The Personalized Learning team can be available to deliver professional learning, attend staff meetings, or share additional articles and resources upon request.

4. Coaching and Support

The Personalized Learning team will share the experiences gained from working with teachers across the district, and provide coaching and support for moving through the phases of blended learning implementation.

5. Progress Check-ins

The Personalized Learning team will check in with both teachers and administrators to offer feedback, support, and additional resources.

To get started, please contact: Eric Haines, Project Manager for Personalized Learning,, 301-644-5182