Frequently Asked Questions for Principals

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is leveraging technology to create a personalized, competency-based learning experience, including increased student control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of learning.

What is the Vanguard Program?

The Vanguard Teacher Program is a three year, competency-based, teacher leadership program. Vanguards will teach, lead, and coach others to create a blended learning environment in the classroom, while building capacity within schools and across the district.

For more details, please visit vanguard.fcps.org

What is the role of the principal?

Please encourage teachers to apply! Applications open in September and can be found on the Vanguard website. (vanguard.fcps.org)

Part of the application process includes a recommendation from the principal. It is a quick questionnaire using Google Forms. You also play a major role in supporting the Vanguards in your school. They will be implementing new strategies for blended, personalized learning and your support goes a long way. When feasible, please provide opportunities for them to share what they are learning with their colleagues.

How can I support Vanguard teachers in my building?

    1. Principals can shepherd blended learning models by being an ambassador for innovation. Check out this article on how leaders are leaning into innovation.
    2. Principals with successful blended learning programs highly value the role of digital tools, content and resources to student preparation for success.
    3. Principals with successful blended learning programs are not just digital leaders in attitude only, but they are also demonstrating the importance they place on technology use through their own digital behaviors within their school community.

For more information about the pillars of today’s digital leadership, Principals should check out Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times by Eric Sheninger.

What are the incentives for teachers?

Although there is no stipend for Vanguard Teachers, there will be opportunities to earn MSDE credits, graduate-level credits from Hood College, micro-credentials, and the opportunity to grow as a teacher leader without having to leave for an assignment outside of the classroom. Please visit the Vanguard website (vanguard.fcps.org) for the full list of responsibilities and incentives.

Do teachers get devices?

This will depend on how many devices are already available in each school. Some future Vanguard Teachers may already have consistent access to technology; others may not. There is a limited budget to support technology acquisition. We will work together with you to make sure that Vanguard Teachers have what they need to implement blended learning strategies.

Will my teacher ever be pulled out for this program?

Although Vanguard Teachers will be doing lots of professional learning, they will only be pulled out during the school day for meetings two times per year.

How do I follow along with Vanguard Program training?

Beyond talking with any Vanguard Teacher, there are many ways to stay updated on the Vanguard Program. You can check out posts or join chats on Twitter using the hashtag #FCPSVanguard. Additionally, stay tuned for updates in the FCPS Vanguard Newsletter, Making Learning Personal.

Key Dates

September - Vanguard Applications Open

November - Application period closes

January - Applicants are notified

June - Vanguard Summer Academy

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about the Vanguard Program?

Eric Haines

Project Manager for Personalized Learning