Vanguard Competencies

Mindset: Mindset competencies include the core values or beliefs that guide an individual’s thinking, behaviors, and actions, and that align with goals of educational change and mission. In blended learning, educators need to understand, adopt, and commit to mindsets that help them shift towards new forms of teaching and learning.

Instructional Technology Skills: Instructional technology skills are the domain-specific expertise that educators use to design, develop, and infuse in their lessons student experiences that utilize technology. The goal is to transform learning experiences so they result in higher levels of achievement for students. Instructional technology skills are acquired and mastered through instruction, training, and practice.

Teaching Practices: Teaching practice competencies are those personal characteristics and patterns of behavior that help educators make the transition to new ways of teaching and learning. These qualities, include integrating digital content, small group instruction, opportunities for student reflection, and data-driven decision making. These qualities need to be coached, reinforced, and developed over time.

Professional Learning & Networking (PLN) Skills: PLN skills are generalizable skills that apply across roles and subject areas. These skills—which include things like collaboration and problem-solving—are complex; they help practitioners tackle new tasks or develop solutions in situations that require organizational learning and innovation. They are mastered through modeling, coaching, and reflective practice.