September: Continuous Onboarding

October: Student Agency

November: Data in Personalized Learning

Dr. Lindsey Beck


Tuscarora High 

Nichole Rhoades


Windsor Knolls Middle School

December: Station Rotation 

Megan Hailu

EL Teacher Specialist    

Mariah Beaucage

EL Teacher

Ballenger Creek Middle School

January: Reflect and Refresh

In this episode, hear from Sara Bugler, Kindergarten teacher at Glade Elementary School, who talks about developing routines with her students. Listen in as she shares not only what was going well, but also gives an example of what she’s done when a routine was not quite working the way she wanted it to. 

In this episode, hear from Erin Williams, 5th grade teacher at Walkersville Elementary School, who shares about some of the routines that she’s using with her students and what she’s doing to meet the instructional challenges she’s facing. 

February: Flexible Assesment

Lera Straits

Literacy Instructor

FCPS Career and Technology Center

March: Playlists

Lei Ann Woozley

4th Grade Teacher

New Market Elementary

April: Connection and Collaboration

Alena Carter

Music Teacher

Centerville Elementary

Jackie Grimm

Music Teacher

Middletown Primary

May: Reflection and Leveling Up

Christyn Day

Science Teacher

West Frederick Middle

Additional Resources:

Creating Responsive Playlists, by Christyn Day (screencast tutorial)

Project Zero's Thinking Routines Toolbox (for no-tech, low-prep station ideas)