September Ignite: Continuous Onboarding

Let's take a look at different approaches to onboarding students.  We had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Sarah Lipchock, Vanguard Teach year, science teacher at Tuscarora High School and Hannah Rouzee, 3rd grade teacher at Myersville Elementary. Watch below!

Watch and Learn October

Increasing Student Agency

Let's take a quick look at how 3rd grade Vanguard teachers, Renee Damskey from Middletown Elementary and Emily Sinton from Glade Elementary, are building student agency in their classrooms.  Watch below!

Watch and Learn November

Utilizing Data to Personalize Learning

Let's take a quick look at how 2nd grade teacher Kimberly Baugher and her Math Specialist Janet Dill use data to personalize instruction at Wolfsville Elementary and how Chrissy Scudiero and Tyler Ausherman create flexible grouping in High School Math. Watch below!

Watch and Learn December

Station Rotation

See how Carrol Manor Kindergarten Teacher, Lori Bartolomeo, manages station rotation with her primary grade students.  Then see how Middle School Math Teacher, Penny Sica uses Station Rotation with her Math Students.

Watch and Learn January

Routines and Refresh

It's the start of a new year!  Take time to refresh your students' routines and recall where to find resources.  Hear how Kate Flynn, Oakdale Middle Media Specialists uses a Choice Board to help her students get reacclimated to the media center.  Then check out how 5th Grade Teacher, Amy Llewellyn uses novelty to refresh routines and procedures mid year!

Watch and Learn February

Flexible Assessment

Providing a flexible way for students to opt into demonstrating their understanding is a great way to provide choice for students.  Ballenger Creek Elementary 4th Grade Teacher, Chelsea Naegele, talks about how she offered a new way for her math students to demonstrate what they know.  Then take a peak at how Frederick High School teacher, Kristen Welch, explores flexible assessment in her history class!

Watch and Learn March


Utilizing playlists to allow for student voice and choice while allowing the teacher more 1:1 time is key.  Join Molly Murphy, First Grade Teacher at Middletown Primary as she walks us through how she uses playlists with some of our littlest learners.  Then hop on over into the world of physical education with PE teacher, Nick Rutten at New Market Middle.

Watch and Learn April

Connection and Collaboration

Connection and collaboration help to lead to a sense of belonging.  Join Taylor Crummitt, Fifth Grade Teacher at Oakdale Elementary as she walks us through how she fosters a sense of belonging with her students.  Then hop on over into the world of CTE with woodworking teacher, Dane Grossnickle at Linganore High School.

Watch and Learn May

Reflection and Leveling Up

Check out how these awesome teachers reflect on their practices through the year with an eye on leveling up for next year!